SANS SEC504 赤本勉強の準備を十分に完了したのか


NO.1 Which of the following is the Web 2.0 programming methodology that is used to create Web
pages that are dynamic and interactive?
A. Ajax
Answer: A

SEC504 デモ   

NO.2 You work as a System Engineer for Cyber World Inc.
Your company has a single Active Directory domain.
All servers in the domain run Windows Server 2008.
The Microsoft Hyper-V server role has been installed on one of the servers, namely uC1. uC1 hosts
twelve virtual machines.
You have been given the task to configure the Shutdown option for uC1, so that each virtual machine
shuts down before the main Hyper-V server shuts down. Which of the following actions will you
perform to accomplish the task?
A. Manually shut down each of the guest operating systems before the server shuts down.
B. Enable the Shut Down the Guest Operating System option in the Automatic Stop Action Properties
on each virtual machine.
C. Create a logon script to shut down the guest operating system before the server shuts down.
D. Create a batch file to shut down the guest operating system before the server shuts down.
Answer: B

SEC504 技術者   

NO.3 Which of the following types of malware does not replicate itself but can spread only when
the circumstances are beneficial?
A. Blended threat
B. Mass mailer
C. Worm
D. Trojan horse
Answer: D

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NO.4 Which of the following statements are true about worms?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Worms can exist inside files such as Word or Excel documents.
B. Worms cause harm to the network by consuming bandwidth, whereas viruses almost always
corrupt or modify files on a targeted computer.
C. One feature of worms is keystroke logging.
D. Worms replicate themselves from one system to another without using a host file.
Answer: A,B,D

SEC504 解説   

人々は異なる目標がありますが、我々はあなたにSANSのSEC504 赤本勉強に合格させるという同じ目標があります。この目標を達成するのは、あなたにとってIT分野での第一歩だけですが、我々のSANSのSEC504 赤本勉強を開発するすべての意義です。だから、我々は尽力して我々の問題集を多くしてJPexamの専門かたちに研究させてあなたの合格する可能性を増大します。あなたの利用するSANSのSEC504 赤本勉強が最新版のを保証するために、一年間の無料更新を提供します。

JPexamは成立以来、ますます完全的な体系、もっと豊富な問題集、より安全的な支払保障、よりよいサービスを持っています。現在提供するSANSのSEC504 赤本勉強の資料は多くのお客様に認可されました。ご購入のあとで我々はアフターサービスを提供します。あなたにSANSのSEC504 赤本勉強のソフトの更新情況を了解させます。あなたは不幸で試験に失敗したら、我々は全額で返金します。

試験科目:Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling
問題と解答:全330問 SEC504 日本語解説集

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