ArubaのACMP_6.4 最新日本語版参考書の試験問題集


JPexamを選ぶかどうか状況があれば、弊社の無料なサンプルをダウンロードしてから、決めても大丈夫です。こうして、弊社の商品はどのくらいあなたの力になるのはよく分かっています。JPexamはAruba ACMP_6.4 最新日本語版参考書を助けって通じての最良の選択で、100%のAruba ACMP_6.4 最新日本語版参考書のはJPexam最高の保証でございます。君が選んだのはJPexam、成功を選択したのに等しいです。

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試験科目:Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.4
問題と解答:全173問 ACMP_6.4 合格対策

>> ACMP_6.4 合格対策


NO.1 Which of the following statements is true?
A. Aruba Campus APs can be connected directly to the public internet.
B. Aruba Campus APs must be physically attached to the Aruba Controller.
C. Aruba Campus APs must be physically attached to the same Layer 3 switch.
D. Aruba Campus APs must be in the same broadcast domain as the Controller.
E. Aruba Campus APs can be in different subnets from the Controller.
Answer: E

ACMP_6.4 受験期   ACMP_6.4 特典   

NO.2 What can an AM do that an AP cannot do?
A. Detect interfering APs
B. Detect an AP failure
C. Scans all channels in under 1 minute
D. Scan all valid channels
E. Detect rogue APs
Answer: C

ACMP_6.4 虎の巻   ACMP_6.4 再テスト   

NO.3 A university, has 2 departments. Department 1 has its own mobility domain with one controller.
Department 2 has multiple controllers configured in a second domain. The university is planning on
offering a new application and needs users to be able to roam between both mobility domains.
What is the best way to accomplish this?
A. This cannot be accomplished
B. Merge the controllers into the same mobility domain
C. The 2 existing domains should be left as they are. A 3rd mobility domain should then be created
and all 3 controllers need to be added to it
D. Create a new domain between a department 1 controller and one of the department 2 controllers
E. The IP subnets of all controllers need to be configured to match
Answer: B

ACMP_6.4 対策書   
4-11 - Wired Access Control In the above diagram, the system shows two Aruba access points and a
wired user.

NO.4 A controller is provisioned in L3 Mode for Wireless Users. What must be configured on the
controller to enable DHCP requests to an external DHCP server?
A. the IP address of the APs
B. the DHCP server IPSEC Key
C. the subnet address of the DHCP server
D. an IP helper command
E. the IP address of the DNS server
Answer: D

ACMP_6.4 キャリアパス   ACMP_6.4 感想   

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