NO.1 What is a benefit of selling HP value rather man specifications?
A. It allows customers to compare the features and advantages of a particular product, and assess me
potential benefits for their organization.
B. It moves the conversation from price and product features, and enables the customer to recognize
the tangible value of the solution in the context of their business needs
C. it enables customers to review quotes from different organizations, and determine the
optimum solution based on product needs.
D. It ensures customers are able to realistically compare product features and" determine the fastest
products for their organization.
Answer: A


NO.2 What kind of worker is the target user for the HP 200 Notebook?
A. knowledge worker
B. basic user
C. task worker
D. mobile professional
Answer: C

NO.3 What is the value behind a Lock and Hood Sensor?
A. physically securing a device
B. ability to use HP's SpareKey
C. having a sensor that monitors changes in temperature
D. easily set up and shares a connection across Wi-Fi-enabled devices
Answer: D

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NO.4 A customer says that they knocked over a glass of water onto their notebook.
How the customer needs a replacement, because the notebook is not working anymore.
Which feature should be turned into a benefit for this customer?
A. business-rugged magnesium chassis
B. spill resistant keyboard
C. HP DisplaySafe frame
D. HP DuraFinish
Answer: C

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