試験科目:Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials
問題と解答:全80問 1z1-333 復習対策書

>> 1z1-333 復習対策書



NO.1 You need to define a chart of accounts that includes an intercompany segment. Your customer
plans to use segment value security rules for the Company segment.
What does Oracle consider as best practice to define this chart or accounts?
A. Define the company segment only and qualify it as both the primary balancing segment
andintercompany segment.
B. Use two different value sets for the company and intercompany segment because segment value
security rules are at the value set level.
C. Define two different charts of accounts.
D. Share the same value set for the company and intercompany segments to reduce chart of accounts
Answer: A


NO.2 You want to enter budget data in Fusion General Ledger. Which method is not supported?
A. Smart View
B. Entering budget Journals
C. File-based Data Import
D. Application Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi)
Answer: B

NO.3 How can your Accounting Manager expedite Journal processing during the time critical month
end close?
A. by creating an ad hoc query on journals using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
B. by using the Close Status monitor to drill down on the close status across ledgers
C. by using the Journals region to view journals Requiring Attention, Requiring Approval, and Pending
Approval from Others
D. by running the Journals report using Business Intelligence Publisher
Answer: D

NO.4 You transact in 50 different currencies and you need to define a high volume of revaluation
definitions. Which two methods are Oracle recommended best practices for streamlining this
A. Use hierarchies and parent values in your revaluation definition.
B. Define separate revaluation definitions for each class of accounts, currency, and different rate
C. Share revaluation definitions across ledgers that share the same chart of accounts.
D. Define one revaluation definition for all accounts (assuming all ledgers share the same chart of
accounts) and simply change the parameters at run time.
Answer: A


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